.....why inspect fire dampers?
-It's the law
-Resident, patient, vistor and staff safety
-Multiple agencies require regular inspections

     - NFPA (National Fire Prevention Association) 90A: states that fire and smoke dampers are required to
       be inspected "at least every 4 years."
- UL (Underwriters Laboratory)
- JCAHO (Joint Commission on Accredidation of Healthcare Organizations) -

 ...what's involved?

   - we locate all the fire and smoke dampers in your building
  - we label each damper
  - we inspect and service your dampers as per the requirements of NFPA 90A
  - we provide inspection reports and documentation
  - we record of each damper before and after inspection with digital pictures
  - we provide you a detailed inspection spreadsheet with observations & recommendations



...before (ceiling mounted fire damper)                             ...after (ceiling mounted fire damper)